Seems time is the dreaded enemy and I wish that I had not been so distracted early on in my career, though illustration, textile design and almost twenty years of involvement with the film business has given me a rich and creative background to draw upon.

But now my focus is paint.  I love oil colour, canvas, brushes and the joy of creation. I am honoured that some of my paintings grace people’s houses, bringing vivid colours and form into their homes


Some chronology:

1972-1976 Graphics Degree (Visual Communications) at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham

1976-1978 Colour separator for transfer printed textiles, Castletown, Isle of Man

1978-1989 Textile Designer, New York, Illustrator and Designer

1989-1993 Freelance Illustrator, Greene County, Virginia

1993-1997 Antique Dealer

1997-Present Buyer/Art Director/Set Decorator Feature Films /TV. Artist.

Must Get On!