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The Creatures

February 8, 2016


I’m not fussy what I paint, as long as I’m painting something. It could be a stick, a boat, a dead bird,  anything which grabs my creative attention.  People frequently ask me why I don't "do" landscapes and instead choose to paint teapots, paintbrushes or incomplete fish. I guess the answer is that landscapes don't inspire me to take up my brush despite living on a very wild and beautiful, Island. Pretty much all of my paintings are portraits regardless of their subject and   there is one painting which almost everyone reacts to without question and that’s "The Creatures."





The Creatures came about when my daughter Hannah and I were discussing all the old bits of fabric that I have accumulated over the years and what we could do with them. We decided that we would make a soft toy for Lola, her daughter who was about 4 at the time. We made a  rough pattern for a cat /doll like animal and over the next few days we made two or three using these vintage fabrics, trimmings and old embroidery threads.  First born was Barkcloth Billy, followed by Seersucker Sam and Chaircover Charlie.   These became known as the Creatures and since have been joined by Sue, Steve, Lulu, Mo, Fang and several others. Inexplicably the latest has been named  Cabana by 3 year old Ursy.





I lined them up one day in front of a Crewel work panel and started to paint them. It’s a big painting and took maybe two months in all but it always provokes a smile from the observer. The Creatures was followed by a smaller painting Three on the Naughty Chair and I am working on the illustrations for a couple of books featuring a number of the pesky devils. More of that as I progress...



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